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Hi my name is Louise and i live in London. I have grown up here and would love to work for Google some day. I have been looking to expand my skills which is why i have joined this community.

I have worked on different sites including http://www.orientallondonmassage.co.uk/ which iam most proud off. Im looking to make new friends and expand my skills.

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  • May 29th, 2014 @ 7:11am


    Interesting topic. I have always thought about trying to make a successful you tube account. But i never thought Nintendo would try to clamp down on you tubers who actually promote the games for free. I personally do not see any down side from what they are doing, but it is interesting to see non gamers getting annoyed to why this kind of you tube video is so popular.

    I personally still like to play the first Mario kart on the Nintendo 64. :p