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  • Sep 9th, 2012 @ 6:36am

    digital vs. analog

    some may not be able to tell the difference in blind tests using one recording back to back, but I could tell the difference, using analog tape at 3.75 IPS against a CD, back to back simultaneously, using the tape/source switch on my home rack system. The recording was "The Rolling Stones- Get Your Ya-Ya's Out" live. The tape sounded much better, deeper, more little cymbal-high end-crowd sounds, better separation. No contest the tape sounded better.

    Where anyone will be able to tell, is how LONG you can listen to CD vs. analog tape. You can listen to analog tape all day 8 am to 10 PM and not tire of it, your ears will not fatigue. If you listen to CD that long, you'll have to shut it off after about 2 hours, it will just aggravate your ears.

    ask me how I know, I grew up on vinyl and tape in the 1960-70's, and when I bought my first new CD player in 1986, it sounded worse, not better. The only good thing was no background noise.

    but in real life, live music, or studio music, HAS back ground noise. It's never totally quiet. So why are they making it this un-natural and quiet ?

    if they want better sound, increase the tape width and speed of the reel to reel deck.