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  • Jun 18th, 2018 @ 7:25am

    Due process

    The court ruling is a preliminary injunction. (Midlertidig forføyning)

    Normally there would be a hearing when someone requests an injunction but in cases where delay poses a risk an order can be issued without a hearing.

    The relevant law is available in an english translation at*#*
    (Section 32-7 and chapter 34)

    Ljond and Lie can request a hearing about the order.

    I'm neither a lawyer or norwegian but as I understand the ruling Ljond and Lie are:
    1. ordered to remove any court documents originating from from and delete any document downloaded from
    2. forbidden from transferring or assisting in transferring any documents covered in part 1 to a third party, or publinshing or assisting in publishing the documents on other digital platforms
    3. forbidden from deleting information about development, operations, publishing, use of and downloading of content from
    4. ordered to pay's court costs of about $12600