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  • Jul 13th, 2009 @ 4:17am

    Michael Jackson Tribute

    It's a show that has sponsors, so, maybe one of them didn't support it.

    Besides that, haven't we had enough of MJ for a while? Plus, in the coming weeks will will be bombarded with autopsy reports, investigations, and who will get control of the children, who will get his money, provided there is any, etc.

    MJ was an awesome artist and a 'trailblazer' in music. His music will live on,forever. What I am most anxious to see is those artist that put together tribute acts.

  • Jul 10th, 2009 @ 3:47am

    NIN Free

    Everything must be connected:

    fans+artist+music+stage+free+fans+fans = Success

    My hope is everyone will put on their creative hats and revise Trent's method to make it even better.

    Trent & NIN have establish a sound baseline....Who's wants to 'kick it up a notch?

    My personal suggestion is most indie successful careers will be linked to a loyal fan base using the Power of 5. Grow it and keep them happy by forming great relationships.

    Successful careers are ultimately about giving your fans what they want, which will increase your TBFB. Successful careers are not about are ultimately not about the artist or their music. The later are important and a factor, absoutely!
  • Jun 27th, 2009 @ 3:38am

    Artist Music

    I think the implications are that $1 / song will not cut it if anyone wants to download 2.5 million songs.

    The larger question is: Why would anyone want to take the time to download that many songs. Just logic tells us no one will be listing to or even interested in that many songs from so many genres they don't care about and most likely never will.

    First off, music needs to be free. Music needs filter(s) so anyone can download only what they are interested in albeit from well know artist or from unknown indie artist. For me, I don't listen to mainstream artists any more. Why? Because I have discovered so many great unknown, due to the internet, that I actually enjoy more than any mainstream or major label artist. There are so many great artist with great songs and without the internet & myspace, I never would have found them. The internet is the "NEW" radio station. Privately owned 360 stations are becoming very popular, because you can find one that plays your kind of music. And better still, they play unknowns at no charge to the artist.

    Everyone in the music business is now swimming in the common waters with lots of islands, where certain genres of music eventually land and find their fan base. I call this their nice "island/market". These islands/markets are where they will find and build their fan bases that will support them and their music for many years to come.

    Music World 2.0 will be a music for free world for consumers; illegally or legal. And for the non believers, i.e., Artist, publishers, major labels that try to stop it will be trampled on by consumers. Today, consumers know they have the upper hand and they know they are in control. The number of illegal users is in excess of a billion. How stupid would it be to try and sue that many?

    Someone mentioned allowing people to get in a club for free, but, charging them on the way out. Anyone that does something that stupid will more than likely go out of business in 6 months and probably get their butts kicked (physically) in the process.

    All the big wheels today, in music, are viewed as assholes by a majority of consumers.

    Who is the most hated group in the world: The RIAA, not George Bush or Halliburton, as I am sure many may think. Nope the RIAA. So you win a few ridiculous judgments of a few million dollars...so what?? Where are you going to get the money, if this person doesn't have it...the answer, you won't ever collect and if you do, the writers and artist will likely see little of it. If your going to be stupid enough to sue your customers, at least be smart enough to sue the ones that can pay the judgment...duh.

    My suggestion is to come up with a way to issue a legal music license to everyone in the USA and hopefully in the world. The cost: $52/year x 225,000,000 in the USA is more money than the global music market is worth annually. If you have 4 dependents you would have to pay $108 / year. Business that now have to secure a license based on their gross sales would be charged a flat rate of $1,000 / year. So now, everyone is legal and can download as much music as they want, but, even though they may choose to download every song in the world, they still have to pay the annual license fee until they die or reach a certain age. This is simple and a great buy that most folks will not mind paying. It's a win/win for everyone. And, I am willing to bet, if artist/labels get creative and come up with unique CD packages, they will probably continue to sell CD's or some other music device at their live shows.

    I apologize for this being so long. But, it's about time, we face reality and do something that satisfies all concerned.

  • Jun 27th, 2009 @ 2:38am

    Giving Fans A Reason To Buy

    Buy your music...forget about that...fans can download your music or find someone that has already downloaded it for free. My question then is: Why not find a way to leverage illegal downloads in your favor?

    As far as a solution: Follow Gerd Leonhard's and his recommendation in Music 2.0. He's had this figured out for some time. I suggest it's time to depart from the old ways and embrace the new. Why? Because if we, the music business will, everyone will make a lot more money by providing access to all our music for free.

    You can also read KleerStreem Entertainment's suggestions by clicking on our blog link in this post.

    The way artist creatively market their music/products, will become 'added value' in the future.

    Fans rule. Failure to get over yourself and embrace this simple concept, will be the difference in a career of success or failure.

    Music 1.0 is dead!
  • Jun 24th, 2009 @ 4:02am

    Trent Reznor & NIN

    Dead on article.

    Trent Reznor & NIN did what all indie artist should do: Build & connect to their fan base.

    Music World 1.0 is dead; Music World 2.0 is coming on strong. Anyone wanting to know more about this should read and follow Gerd Leonhard. His thoughts and suggestions are right on.

    If you have time check out our blog for our thoughts & suggestions on the Future of Music.

    Thank you...KleerStreem Entertainment
  • Jun 16th, 2009 @ 3:01am

    Re: What a great opportunity for local artists

    I wouldn't call this a "good" music wave...more like a disaster!! Opportunity...I don't think so, but, maybe I am missing the point here???

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