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  • May 05, 2016 @ 05:40pm

    Drug Dogs respond to handler cues

    I am surprised that the writer of this piece didn't mention the now-established fact that drug-detection dogs (and explosives-detection dogs) are strongly influenced by 'cues' from their handlers.

    See, for instance, "Handler beliefs affect scent detection dog outcomes" Animal Cognition 2011 May; 14(3): 387–394. (doi: 10.1007/s10071-010-0373-2).

    My take on it - based on my very VERY dim view of anybody who wants to be a cop - is that all pigs (including Amtrak's version of Paul Blart) should be required to use body cameras at all times... and furthermore that no arrest should be considered valid, and no evidence from a pig should be accepted, if the camera ain't rolling. The State has a massive advantage over the tax-livestock, and so its case should need to pass the highest possible hurdle and its evidence should need to be unimpeachable. (Bad people might go free under such a system - but only if the pigs don't comply with the rules).

    Why such a set of constraints? Well, the median pig has is a pretty stupid individual and was a high-school under-performer (exhibit A: many of them are former military ORs - known since the detritus of the labour market; exhibit B: they reveal a fortiori that they want to wield power over other people, but are restricted to the very bottom of the range of careers open to megalomaniacs).

    These are not traits that select for honestly or adherence to rules that force the State into rights-observance.

    Plus, there's that whole "signing up to enforce the law, regardless of how obviously-wrong the law is" thing... the psychotype of people who turned up for work at Auschwitz (/godwin).

    Pigs are worse-than-Beta, at the median - leaving aside the whole puppy-shooting schtick (and the '12 year olds get executed if they don't comply within 2 seconds'), just ask any woman who has gone out with a pig, how things go when the relationship ends. Small-N samples are problematic, but I know about a dozen women who dated cops (and 5 men) - and every single one of them was harassed when they put an end to the relationship. (This is more evidence that pigs are psychotypically abnormal).

    I'm in no way religious, but Erasmus really nailed it when discussing the sort of person who is attracted to the 'profession' of soldiering - and the same type of person (albeit a slightly-more-cowardly version) is attracted to law enforcement.

    From Erasmus' Panegyric:

    At the first mention and whiff, as it were, of a campaign, the dregs of humanity are roused to come out of their hiding-places, and collect like bilge-water from all over the world: men burdened by disgrace or debt or fearful of the threats of the law on account of their misdeeds, or men who are conscious of their crimes and so think they cannot be safe in time of peace, or who have dissolutely squandered their capital and are now led astray by sordid poverty to the worse crime of robbing others. Finally, there are men whose evil disposition and evil mind so act on them (as if they were born for crime) that they would have dared to do such things at the risk of their lives even without the prospect of going unpunished or the offer of pay. Wars have to be carried on with these sweepings of humanity; such dregs have to be received into cities and homes, although a whole generation will hardly be enough to clean the stink from your citizens’ morals. If indeed we learn nothing so easily as depravity, there is also nothing so difficult to forget.

  • May 04, 2013 @ 06:30pm

    Privacy is "off the table: - excellent news!

    So when these tax-fed "big end of town" welfare queens have their shit hacked and their entire putrid squalid degenerate parasitic lives posted to pastebin, nobody can whine about it ... amirite?

    What's that, tax-eating scumbag Kelly? One law for us peons, another for the 'public servants' who suck at the tax tit?