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  • Oct 13th, 2010 @ 8:07am

    Cyber Squatters,Front runners,Registers

    Attn:Mike Masnick,
    Liked your article on front running,brand jacking and cyber squatting registers-co-conspirators with registrants.
    My company still held by False Registrant-Doug Ryder(false name) (false address)-godaddy still refuses to remove false information and post real registrant. I have my reciept-8-19-2001-99.94 dollars expires:8-19-2011-to register-thru year to Lifetime registration.They specified lifetime thru US Govt. I have sent 6 cease and desist and return domain to rightful owner-Ernest Ryder-2701 Eddington street,Philadelphia,Pa. 19137( and years at this address)
    Here are two other Domains as proof:
    1) squatter(>>>>411.usa.cont>(Leadicious> Fraudulent activity-Contractors (multiple)-payed 1000.00 dollars to 3500.00 dollars to advertising company(still in business) each for leads in their area-also they payed 50 dollars for each lead!!!here is catch they were all given same leads,so contractors were paying for same customer!!! 50.00 dollars times (same cutomer)= 300.00 dollars(fraud)I tested by going to as customer. Six contractors I know including sears and service majic and 4 other contractors were given same customer Me!!!I was called by all six !!! ha ha-now being sued by all six contractors! after I exposed!
    2) (posing as:Ryder Technology Group[my Company]
    pointing to>,california-manufacture)>,nj /False
    25371 cadillac drive,laguna hills,ca.,92653
    After exposing as Cyber Squatter on parsons says in article we dont cyber squat or advertise on cyber squatted domains) I posted 4 domains was cyber squatting-I called multiple times(20) they refused to remove! removed after my article but I was banned from as Bob Parsons is financial contributor to
    Mike can you edit and post this-Thank You,
    Ernest Ryder
    PS- I can Email you my:Registration reciept-99.94 dollars-expires:8-19-2011(10yr.) to lifetime-(10 yr. to lifetime(microsoft) for
    Go to shows date-(8-17-2001 to 8-19-2001)(my payment)Microsoft released my business name without my knowledge or Premission