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  • Apr 25th, 2011 @ 11:17pm

    If only.......

    I too have been following this case. I had a case similar to this in civil court in San Diego for a different kind of dolls. I was the owner of Knighthorse LLC and I manufactured life sized dolls called Lovable Dolls. From May of 2006 until May of 2008 I worked for the company that makes the RealDoll. I was fired in May of 2008, and in Sept of 2008 I decided to start a company competing with them. I also decided to sue them for unpaid profit sharing which I had in my contract. They in turn sued me as a defense and in April of 2010 a jury found against me due to the other attorneys closing statement that "even though I may have not even laid hands to clay in the creation of any of my dolls, if I merely THOUGHT about making them while employed there, then my dolls should belong to his client". With that, the jury awarded damages to the tune of 300k plus legal fees and also forced me to transfer my molds of dolls that were not even created for months even a full year plus after I was fired, to them. Plus the name of my product ( lovable dolls), my website and all dolls I had in my possession at the time of the ruling(even if they were in production for existing clients) I have lost everything I worked for after being fired based on the logic that I "thought" about it while I was employed at another company. I informed my attorney of the Barbie vs. Bratz case but he refused to use any of the findings during the injunctive phase of the trial and I am past my time to appeal. I have lost everything and the final damages will end up being somewhere close to 800k, bankruptcy, and a ruined reputation but it is good to see that there is some justice out there......when you can afford it.