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  • Feb 12th, 2010 @ 9:40am

    IMAX is the Competition

    Many comments I read regarding the IMAX vs. Cinemark litigations argue in favour of Cinemark, by saying "Competition is a good thing". Yes, I couldn't agree more... that's why I'm 100% behind IMAX on this one! IMAX is the Competitor that has "Pushed the envelope"... "Raised the Bar"... "Changed the game"... If it weren't for IMAX our Cinematic options would still be very limited in scope. The monoliths like Cinemark have clearly woken up and taken notice. They are running scared... Perhaps not surprisingly they have reacted quite unethically by entering into a good faith contractual joint venture with this "Up and Comer" with what we now clearly see as thier hidden agenda.... Steal their secrets (technology, marketing, planned locations, etc...) and rush to market with a cheap imitation of the IMAX experience.

    Yes competition is good but it should be fair. Cinemark should respect their joint venture agreement as the mutually beneficial deal it was intended to be, and not exploit it in such an obviously unethical way. Once the agreement has expired they are free to compete but they should benefit the consumer by coming out with original ideas/designs of their own and not simply copying their competitor's product while arguing that the patents aren't enforceable. We should all be supporting IMAX because they are still the underdog here. Cinemark is the bully that is trying to knock them down before they have a decent chance to get up on their feet and fight fair.