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  • Jan 11th, 2011 @ 1:52pm

    Louisiana funeral indusrty

    For the monks to get a license, they must install an embalming room, and have a licensed funeral director on site to sell the merchandise. A licensee must serve an internship for 2 years as a full time employee of a licensed funeral home before eligible to take the exam. All to sell a box.

    What actually happened here in LA began in the 1970's when wording was struck from statute which allowed for "funeral director or individual acting as such" and the phrase added, "all dead bodies shall be prepared and disposed of by a licensed funeral director".

    Soon thereafter, more wording appeared-"only a licensed funeral home may display and sell funeral merchandise at retail" Over the years, the right to bath, cloth, casket and bury your loved one has been eroded to the extent that every consumer in the state of LA must present himself, checkbook in hand to a licensee of the state and be compelled to contractually surrender ownership of personal property(your loved ones remains)to the funeral home.

    The only stipulation regarding burial is that commercial cemeteries may require a liner or vault to prevent someone from falling thru a decomposed casket and suing. Also, a proscribed distance from a stream or body of water. Otherwise you can be buried directly in the ground, with no embalming, in a shroud or less, if desired.

    Boyd Motte kept a particleboard, flat-top, cloth-covered casket in a side room and would drag it out by its screen door handles and present it to insurance policy holders and claim that it was the casket that went with the policy. When the poor bereaved asked to upgrade the casket, this slimeball funeral pig would VOID the contract and credit them a few hundred dollars toward a full price funeral of thousands.

    If you can stand to here more about the death grip of the funeral industry in LA, prompt me. I can go on and on!