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  • Oct 8th, 2010 @ 2:44pm

    Guilt-free pirate (as Julian van Metre)

    After I noticed wii commercials embedded in episodes of 'True Blood' on HBO, I canceled my subscription and now torrent 'true Blood', and 'Real Time' without so much as a twinge of guilt or remorse. A premium cable subscriber pays a subscription fee in order to enjoy commercial-free content.

    When HBO has a vampire playing golf with a prominently displayed wii console, and Miss Sookie the Fang-banger mentioning wii my name, HBO is broadcasting a 'commercial' and violating our contract. So now I view HBO programming for free. The revenue generated by the embedded wii commercials should off-set the loss of my business and subsidise my none-compensatory viewing.

    Corporations whine about consumers not respecting their proprietary property rights, shamelessly playing the victims with a straight face. Consumers are screwed by big corporations a hundred times a day. Taking advantage of the little people is part and parcel of every corporation's businesses model. Corporations even tamper with our government and thus democracy itself. Yeah. I feel reaaaaaaal guilty for bittorenting.