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  • Apr 21st, 2014 @ 5:25pm

    Snowden is a traitor and his supporters are misguided.

    Perhaps he should try talking to people more receptive and understanding of the NSA's mission. That is, people that are more closely linked to defense contractors, the military, and other entities that understand the true gravity of Snowden's traitorous actions.

    If I had to list a hero for that university, it would be the person that ends up bagging Snowden. If I worked at their admissions department, I would immediately round-file every entry that used Snowden as a hero.

    If anything, I wouldn't get myself in the situation where I would have information that I was not entitled to have. However, I would be more than happy to turn him in so that he could not harm the country.

    With all due respect, those that support Snowden are those that oppose the United States. They know nothing of the classification system, the consequences of not following it, nor have any credibility to speak on matters of national security. These supporters only care about secrets if they're used to harm the United States, as repeatedly done through Snowden's misappropriated information, Greenwald's acceptance of stolen property, as well as other misdeeds against the US. Such people, for the nation's safety, should be denied clearances - reserving them for more loyal US citizens.