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  • Dec 29th, 2010 @ 7:12pm


    Far from being a company trying to capitalize on something that they didn't create, Mad Dogg Athletics is actually the company that created the Spinning program and the Spinner line of bikes. Why shouldn't the company continue to benefit from and protect the brand that it created, protected and has popularized over the past 20 years? Brands serve an important purpose, namely to differentiate a company’s products and services from those of their competitors. Since Mad Dogg coined the name “Spinning” for its indoor cycling program back in 1989, isn’t it the clubs that are trying to take a free ride off of the goodwill that Mad Dogg created? Mad Dogg is a well-run at company that employs about 80 people and spends a tremendous amount of time giving back to the community. As the company that created the indoor cycling category, it’s great to see that they are protecting their brand against the never-ending list of sub-par clubs that are willing to compromise the quality of their classes and instructors to save a few bucks. For the record, Mad Dogg does not charge a per-class or annual licensing fee. To be a Spinning licensee, the company merely asks that a club have Spinner bikes and instructors that have been trained by Spinning. There’s a reason why Spinner bikes and the Spinning program are the worldwide leaders in indoor cycling bikes and education… they’re simply the best.