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The idea of the ecological adventure travel has to be low-impact on the environment and communities visited during the excursions Travelers interested in eco-tourism would help boost the local economy of South America through the use of accommodation and local products, as well as local guides. This form appeals from trip to social and environmental stakeholders who want to live in peace with the planet and do not want to abuse the natural resources. The idea behind this form of tourism, also known as jungle tourism, originated in the late 1980s as a way to experience the natural wonders, without waste of resources. Since its inception, has been a huge growth in popularity due to their preservation and educational sophistication. Revenues from such adventures have been monumental in the preservation of the Amazon jungle and the Caribbean reefs and also to help conserve the biological and cultural diversity of the country.

The objective of a leader of the ecological adventure travel group is the act as a guide to provide recommendations for shopping and eating, and suggestions on what to do and see. You can also enter the group some of his local friends for cultural exchange. These group leaders are also responsible for the security of the Group and the prevention of incidents. Enjoy the true South America with the comfort of knowing that you also are giving something to the local communities and the environment that attracts hundreds of people from around the world each year.

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