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  • Jun 24th, 2017 @ 1:19pm


    Those that work in and around the New Orleans legal system is aware that D.A. Cannizzaro (something is off about this man), et al. will stoop to any lengths to win a case. They win with the assistance of Lieut. Nick Gernon. Police reports are being altered in favor of the D.A.'s point of view. This is one reason people have an issue with police. Gernon you shame good officers. A certain Judge, she can suppress a defense attorney’s case by not allowing evidence to be seen by the jury. Cannizzaro reports to the media every negative point (true or NOT) he believes will win citizens to his side; this legal department simply lies to win. Why lie? Mrs. Rodriques-Cannizzaro wants her father's office. This is not a legal system that should be inherited. Some who work in the legal system say they feel intimidated by the D.A. The D.A.'s office is using unscrupulous tactics to win their cases. I supposed a dirty win is still a win. Working class citizens and people of color are at the mercy of the D.A.'s office. This is the time for sensible politicians to take a stand against this type of system. This imbalance in the courtroom must be stopped. The federal government must be called in to investigate Cannizzaro’s office.

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