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  • Jun 22nd, 2009 @ 9:41am

    Why I left eBay

    I was a buyer and seller on eBay. I never had trouble from a seller out of the 5 years until the last 1 1/2 year when I started selling. Then came trouble from buyers. I had several non-paying bidders, who just would decide not to buy my product because of changing their mind and then I received a fraudulent cashier's check for several hundred dollars. I was very suspicious when it was a few dollars over the amount and the buyer would not email me back. I could not reach them. I contacted the bank of the check and sure enough it was fake. Thank God I didn't deposit it. At the same time several other eBay sellers had already been taken and lost their product. As soon as I and another seller posted negative feedback, the buyer closed their eBay account. Yet eBay will not let sellers leave customer feedback?? Another time a buyer left me a neutral because they said delivery was slow. It was Christams season and took exactly 6 business days as I had stated in my listing. I had 100% feedback at the time and it dropped my feedback lower for no reason. This was not a neg. but a neautral and the customer was wrong. That was the last straw along with the growing unreasonable fees. I now sell on a much more stress free, no hassles site. Looks much better too.

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