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  • Jan 19th, 2014 @ 10:33am

    The ANT DIET, or Semi-Fasting

    Do Americans really know how to eat, or just to inhale there food? How many really Chew their food to get the full taste of there food, or just too much in a hurry, to finish. I have watched how kids eat pizza in a group, they just gulp it down in a second, so they can get to the second piece, and Gulp it down, no wonder they are so fat, before Pizza, we never had that problem. Well to the Ant Diet, I love the Ant Diet, because you can eat anything you want and still stay thin. I you look up the Ant Diet, you will find ants eat nothing solid, what they do is chew the food, and suck all the juice out of the food, and swallow it and then drop the bulk out of their mouth. The only places you have taste buds are on your tongue and the back of your throat, to detect bitter, there are no taste buds in your stomach. Why taste buds in the back of your throat, to detect poison, as nature, makes most poison bitter, that is why children don't like bitter drinks or food, but adults do enjoy there Beers all the way down.

    I have been on the Ant Diet, off and on now for about 7 years, when I first started my first Ant Village. I wanted to know what Ants like to eat or drink, and when I found out, nothing solid, I couldn't believe It, and their are no fat ants. Ants like honey, sugar, lobster, no ham, not much meat or vegetables, food that is soggy and easy to chew. You make honey water, they can get a little drunk. However to start a Ant village, the Ants or Queen will pick you, and I had one village for 7 years, they hibernate around October and come back around April. Ants are very civilized, and keep there civilization in check, and only eat the food you give them.

    How to start the diet, first remember to start to CHEW the food, till their is no more taste, then drop the Bulk out of your mouth and into a recycle cup, I use a 32oz plastic cup, and when it is almost full, throw the bulk out to the birds in the back yard, they eat about everything,or give it to the dogs. It will probably take about 2 weeks to get use to the process, by remembering first to chew all the food and not to swallow it first. Thanks to the little ants, I never have to worry about my weight any more. Meats are a lot of fun to chew, like Corn beef, or pastrami , have lots of taste, or open face sandwiches . It's nice to know you don't have to swallow everything you eat, try bagels.

  • Jan 19th, 2014 @ 9:31am

    How to end Bribery & Extortion in Congress

    To elect the House of Representatives by LOT, that way there would be no need for campaign money, and everyone who is a citizen could be a candidate for office. The word BALLOT, split in half, is BAL. LOT, which stands for BALL LOT, which is how democracy started. The Greeks wrote their name on a Ball and dropped it into a tub, and felt the one who was picked, was chosen by the GODS. In the Constitution it doesn't say how a representative is elected only that they be CHOSEN by there State. This in the second paragraph of the Constitution of the United States. This would end both parties controlling the people, The one elected voting honestly and represent their people. Election by Lot is called Sortition. Ask your Congressman about it, he won't answer you.