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  • Jun 5th, 2019 @ 11:10pm


    Y was there all these people at 9:00 o’clock with flashlights looking n the back of my truck. I finally noticed that there were cops. And what I kno about them they do what ever there Hart desires.
    Not to side track this story but I have heard that they took a young man to the canyon and beat his ass so bad that he shit his pants but he said the scariest part was when they put a knife to his neck. At first I really didn’t believe it but after meeting these gentlemen in person. Yeah they are pretty bad ass. Like if I could go back n time I think maybe I would be them, u kno a different career. Anywho I’m goin way off the story.
    About 10mins went by, and not sure how long these gentlemen were on my property lookin n back of the truck and over the Fence trying to open the door. I thought for a second, and then said to my self I’m ok they should b leaving soon because if they had a warrant it would’ve been you hear already so I sat back and watch. They must have been about 10 all of them pacing back-and-forth looking for clues signs of who knows what. All of a sudden I hear them inside my house, like if they’re in the kitchen. I jump up off my bed and walked out to the Dining room towards the kitchen.
    Avila put your hands behind your back and after that the hang cuffs were around my wrist. They started to walk me out side and then I see my mother I was like when did she get here. Oh that’s how they must of got in. Mom: take the hang cuffs off off my son, why do u have him in hang cuffs, you told me that he was tied up in side my house and you guys where just making sure there was nothing else wrong with him. You lied to me, I want you guys to leave my property now.
    Sheriff: mam we just need to look around to see if there any guns or drugs here
    Mom: No I want you guys to leave right now I don’t trust you. You already lied to me already.
    Sheriff: mam if you don’t let us n we well have to arrest you.
    Just to let you know this is just half of the story. The other half is detail facts of how they were acting with us.

    I have two more stories that I can tell, no one is better then anyone maybe better at certain things in life. And we all live under the same laws and I kno the consequences for the things I do. I don’t get mad at myself when I have to go to jail or prison. But when u don’t have to go somewhere like that, it’s a new feeling that I haven’t experience yet knowing you are somewhere u can’t do anything about it cuz maybe I can’t afford to get a attorney or what ever the reason would be. And for people to know private of things of my life and for some one to say remarks, that me and my wife would only know. I do apologize if I didn’t make sense to some of you reading this, not very good at being a writer.

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