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  • Jul 17th, 2011 @ 1:35pm

    Some Observations

    I've been "researching" on this site for a few days now. A few observations.

    First, it turns out spinning music that you love and that others love too, is the ultimate lubricant the SM industry has been struggling to find.

    You'll know more about someone's "soul" after two tracks and few smack-talking chat quips than a 1000 gussied up family-safe Facebook photo shoots, or stilted Twitter posts.

    Secondly, Re, "distopia / tarted-up chat rooms," etc. Perhaps, but it's being gobbled up by the avatar-pimping hordes with more ferocity than seen since WoW -- thanks to the brilliant point-based system and avatar unlocking. I'm not into video-game-based competition, but wanted to be a "pimped out gorilla" on this damn thing after only five minutes.

    Fear not, the money flow will find its path of least resistance with this model. I witnessed, in real-time, several organic marketing scenarios unfold before my eyes that the entire Google and Facebook SVN repository, with all their might, would not have been able to code their way into.

    This thing is simple, elegant, ugly as hell, and utterly genius.

    I had an impromptu conversation, on tt.fm, about how this real-time model "changes everything" with a music producing, stadium-filling legend -- he agreed whole heartedly. No pomp-and-circumstance, no contacting his booking agent, no "liking," no "following," no bullshit. I went to his listening room, heard a brand new unreleased track, made some kind of "this is dope" comment and we struck up a conversation in front of the whole room. Also, I spun some tracks myself, not just for the packed, "exclusive" room, but for his record label buddies sitting next to him over speakers he had plugged into his brick-and-mortar record store (btw, I hope everyone listening in the store dug my Mala track. Maybe they even strolled over to the "M" section? Yes, you can see the track names playing.)

    Anyway, I guess I have "27 fans" now because of it.

    Perfect, cuz I'll be buying and spinning this artist's tracks, for them, next time I'm on.