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  • Sep 5th, 2012 @ 8:01am

    Teaching moment for my 10 yr old

    My son doesn't generally talk about the political ads on TV, but he's heard mine and my wife's disgust of them. He is, however, subjected to political ads that precede YouTube videos that we don't see.
    He asked me, "Why is ??? running for office when he did this bad thing while in office before?" I explained that as a paid ad, the opponent can say just about anything they like as long as it is not an outright lie.
    My son competes in a swimming league. He has more enthusiasm than skill and it shows in the scores. I told him that I could go around and just tell people he DQ'd three events last weekend and not say another word. The look on his face told me I hit home with that example.
    I'm not so sure there's much I can do fight the political establishment. What I can do is teach my child that not all is as it seems. It is up to him to find out if there's more to the story/statement/candidate than what is in the ad.
  • Feb 2nd, 2012 @ 9:56am

    Try this author's take on knowing the future

    Ted Chiang's short story "The story of your life" looks at knowing the future and the consequences. It is an excellent read. It is in the book of collected shorts stories of Ted Chiang entitled "The story of your life and other stories".

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