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  • Mar 29th, 2015 @ 2:27am

    You dummy! You shouldn't have told the FBI about

    the ternetInay chiveAray! Now they'll start censoring it, too!
    Another tip: the FBI's job isn't now (nor has it ever been) "to keep Americans safe". The FBI is the political police of the US capitalist class who own and run this country; the FBI's primary purpose is to disrupt and destroy every attempt of the US working class to unite across racial lines and to fight for workers' rights. The FBI is the US' version of the Nazis' SS.
    As soon as we read your comment that the FBI had disappeared the pro-encryption article from their website we went to the "you-know-what" to look for it and we laughed our collective ass off when we saw, quite predictably, that it was there. The FBI is as incompetent as they are vicious and ready to trash the US Constitution and Bill of Rights at every opportunity in defense of the "inalienable rights" of the 1%. The only people who are unsure as to which side of the encryption question the FBI's brain trust will finally set up their prosecutorial abbatoir upon are those who know nothing of the FBI's long and sordid - and consistent - history of wiping their asses with the Bill of Rights.

    Independent Workers Party of Chicago