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  • Playmobil Is Upset That Its Pirate Figures Have Been Used To Illustrate The Pirate Party

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 22 Apr, 2012 @ 05:43am

    wait a minute

    How do the CUPS constitute a choking hazards for three year olds? the must have been sued by babies with HUGE mouths...

  • Playmobil Is Upset That Its Pirate Figures Have Been Used To Illustrate The Pirate Party

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 22 Apr, 2012 @ 05:43am

    wait a minute

    How do the CUPS constitute a choking hazards for three year olds? the must have been sued by babies with HUGE mouths...

  • Only Hollywood Would Think That This 'Disc To Digital' Program Makes Sense

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 06 Mar, 2012 @ 11:49am

    Consumer Friendly

    If the Hope Machine works well enough, we can end world hunger!

    ...You monster...

  • File Sharing Moves En Masse To The Darknet; Good Luck Shutting That Down

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 05 Mar, 2012 @ 02:10pm

    This is critical -

    Perhaps this is the secret to the Grand Unified Theory! 90% of the energy in the Universe is unobservable and "dark" because it's avoiding lawsuits from the RIAA/MPAA!

  • Sony & NBC Interfere With Fan-Funded Web Series, Accomplish Nothing

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 05 Mar, 2012 @ 01:11pm

    Even Better

    Title it: Professor Where, the 4th dimensional extraterrestrial!

  • Hacktivist Judo: Musician Exploits New Spanish Law To Overwhelm System With Legitimate Infringement Complaints

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 05 Mar, 2012 @ 11:56am

    I'm looking forward to this

    I've been thinking this for a while, and wondering why no one has tried it out already - use this as a method to bring low ALL MPAA/RIAA sites with legitimate takedown requests.

    Think if we keep them offline for an entire year with continual takedowns, they might start to reconsider the intended "unintended consequences" to their censorship lobbying?

  • How The Patent System Is Rigged To Only Expand What's Patentable

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 29 Feb, 2012 @ 01:07pm

    Here's an idea....

    A way to help balance the USPTO while *ahem* preserving it's business model: create an adversarial patent system.

    At present, individuals pay to file and refile and, once granted, hold the patent until it is challenged in court. Since, as has been pointed out several times before, their operating budget is predominantly (if not entirely) derived from their filing fees, the economic incentive is to encourage people to FILE AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE - they make it difficult by rejecting patents, but only artificially so, as you can simply refile a modified patent with a new fee for reconsideration. After a rejection or two, they are likely to approve, since they don't want to DISCOURAGE you from filing at all - that would take away a revenue stream!

    What if they instituted the ability to file a counter "anti-patent" displaying prior art and obviousness? Such an system would essentially "crowd source" the entire patent approval process and shift the balance of their incentives. By allowing individuals to submit prior art and obviousness research for a small fee, they can streamline and speedup the entire patent review process (for both new and old patents), lower fees for filing while increasing their revenue, decrease their operating costs (thereby maximizing profits), AND present themselves as "open source, modern government" with maximum transparency!
    With this new system, to maximize profit, they must ensure as ROBUST AND PUBLIC DEBATE AS POSSIBLE.
    If people can present counter evidence to a patent, then the patent will be reject/'on-hold' by the "reviewer" until the patent seeker files their counter argument against said claim. If they can't, they've lost their bogus patent and no one is worse off (though they may be free to refile, and the process begins again, but with precident from the counter-patent filers...)
    "But wait!" (I hear you cry) "If they essentially crowdsource patent applications for us to do THEIR work, why do we need USPTO in the first place?!?"

    Patience, Grasshoper. For now, they still are needed to be arbiters of the evidence provided. But one day... One day...

  • Lamar Smith: Enemy Of The Internet? Defends Internet Snooping Bill

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 20 Feb, 2012 @ 06:54am

    you know what

    With all that lobbyist money he's been getting, I think Lamar Smith should by a house with a HUGE lawn...
    So he can tell all those internet kids to get off it.

  • Always A Gatekeeper: RIAA Backs .music Proposal… If It's Only Limited To 'Accredited' Musicians

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 10 Feb, 2012 @ 10:56am

    Come on, Mike!

    Stop banging this old drum!
    Everyone knows they enjoy things better when an authority tells them it's good!

    We need faceless, profiteering organizations telling us who is worth giving our money and paying attention to. Lord knows we can't ask our friends or think for ourselves...

    I bet you're one of those people who "like" things too...

  • Park Ranger Tases Guy Walking Dogs Without A Leash

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 10 Feb, 2012 @ 10:48am

    Priorities, people...

    You gotta know where they lie...

    Walking your dog without a leash = tasered
    Sharing culture with internet links = extradition and trial on foreign soil
    Operating a cyber locker = Full on SWAT assualt by Seal Team 6 (who were complaining that they couldn't use deadly force...)

    Steal millions under a fake investment Ponzi scheme = police escort to shield you from the media
    Bribing politicians and laundering money/prostitution = Job as a media political analyst
    Stealing BILLIONS via mortgage backed securities and eviciting hundreds of people from their homes = Government fines you 10% of your ill gotten money.

    Sounds fair to me...

  • Big News: Germany Says It Won't Sign ACTA [Update: … Yet]

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 10 Feb, 2012 @ 10:39am


    I'm left without a humorous, possibly snarky comment to make...

    *slow claps* Go team!

    Even if this is just "passing the buck" to the EU, everyone faltering on it because they're afraid of public backlash will push ACTA to die.

    Wandering alone.
    A vagrant with no citizenship, no land to claim as his own.
    Pity him, feel his pain, his uncertainty.
    Poor, destitute, and downtrodden, he'll wander the blighted, war-stricken landscape, searching for news of his family.
    But his parents SOPA and PIPA have already died in the war, and he hasn't heard from his brother TPP for months.

    There. Found my sarc.

  • Newspaper Boss Says Newspapers Need More Money… Because New Media Steals & May 'Destroy Civil Society'

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 10 Feb, 2012 @ 10:31am

    Did a double take... is a copytroll? Nah... Though the irony is hilarious.

    But... but...
    It's a tsunami of information!
    A torrent of data!
    A media hurricane!
    An explosion of details!
    A flood of facts!
    A deluge of discussion!
    A squall of statistics!
    A fire of figures!
    A cyclone of knowledge!
    An earthquake of news!


  • Congress Actually Helping The Internet, Rather Than Mucking It Up?

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 10 Feb, 2012 @ 10:16am


    This just in...
    Every millionaire in America has just become an LLC.

    Hermn... If corporations are people... then it's illegal to discriminate against my LLC when I transfer my employment status over to it...
    Combined with a severely reduced tax bracket with a three year startup exemption and all the write offs I can take...

    This may explain Romney's 15% tax rate...

  • Latvia Joins Countries Putting The Brakes On ACTA Approval

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 10 Feb, 2012 @ 10:12am


    Even DR. DOOM is against ACTA?
    ...Damn, that must be some SERIOUSLY EVIL stuff...
    Though it makes sense - since the Fantastic 4 are probably pro-SOPA, what with the comic books and all...

    Oh wait...

  • The Web Is Saved: East Texas Jury Says Eolas Patents Are Invalid

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 10 Feb, 2012 @ 10:09am


    This money bath is going to feel so good! - C-3POlas

    I don't think they really care whether they win or lose. All they have to do is file a patent extension, and they'll be back at it in a year or so with ANOTHER set of patents to sue everyone with AGAIN.

  • Rep. Doyle Introduces Bill To Provide Public Access To Publicly Funded Research

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 10 Feb, 2012 @ 10:05am

    That reminds me of the article I read this morning.

    It was an extended parable on the creation of a "duplicative transporter" which cut out the distributors involved in "packaging" food production.

    Locking up knowledge created by and for the public is an attempt to hold back the flood of progress by restricting knowledge.

    It will fail because it must. People will continue to share. Culture, Ideas, Innovations, it doesn't matter. People share because it can and will make the world better.

    And those who don't wish to share will fade into obscurity, their ideas shuddering in the dark corners of their consciousness, hidden from the world out of fear and greed.

  • Ex-FTC Officials Remind Current FTC Officials That They're Supposed To Protect Consumers, Not Competitors

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 09 Feb, 2012 @ 07:39am


    Too bad RIAA/MPAA aren't considered "companies" for the purposes of trust-busting. I would love to see them targeted for their crooked dealings, bribery, and collusion at the expense of the general public in order to pad their pockets.

    Unfortunately, with the market-centric manner in which anti-trust laws are applied, there is a tendency to ignore the capacity to abuse their power with supra-market forces.

    Laissez-faire economics = Great (it's why monopolies fail long term)
    Laissex-faire politics = insidious evil (it's the only thing keeping the IP old-guard afloat)

  • BBC Tracks Down And Confronts An Internet Troll

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 09 Feb, 2012 @ 07:20am

    Re: This isn't good news

    Silly argument.
    A news organization can take it upon itself to investigate whatever it wants. There's no reason to stop them.

    If you do something they find newsworthy, then they can report on it. That's their job.

    If it isn't newsworthy, then it'd be stupid for them to track you down.
    Not really a problem here.

    You're afraid that a NEWS AGENCY will try to perform a d0x? The people interesting enough to make the news will either not care, or be smart enough to avoid it. How many hackers work for CNN?

  • BBC Tracks Down And Confronts An Internet Troll

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 09 Feb, 2012 @ 07:14am

    Maybe take a lesson from Twitter...

    And create a method to "unfollow" or "opt out" of specific individuals comments? That way a troll like this would only be capable of truly insulting you once before you can just decide that you have no interest in what they have to say?

    Loosing an audience for your trolling won't stop you entirely, but it DOES limit the overall volume of offensiveness while simultaneously not imposing on anyones right to speak freely.

    You can speak, I just have a right to ignore.

    On the other hand, this has the potential to exacerbate "echo chamber" issues on the net. Every solution has its unintended consequences, I guess.

  • People Rushing To Give Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Just Hours For Brand New Adventure Game

    Isaac Kotlicky ( profile ), 09 Feb, 2012 @ 07:09am


    At this rate, it will blow "Definitely NOT co-ordinating with" Colbert SuperPAC fundraising out of the water.

    Wonder if Kickstarter can be used to fund an election campaign?
    Do we think we can muster the support to create a new form of crowd-funded politics, where we actively work to supplant uninformed, corporately bribed politicians with intellegent, tuned-in, publicly "bribed" (in RIAA-speak) ones?

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