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  • Aug 6th, 2009 @ 3:29pm

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    Isn't it obvious that artists badly need more money than they're currently getting? I mean, what inhumane creatures we are to ignore a starving artist who can no longer spend any more than a mere $1000 on a purse. *PUKE*, *COUGH* ... sorry, I'll go on...

    Come on everyone - it's clear that we're missing the RIAA's point. How dare we even begin to think for a minute that we can somehow have any musical entertainment without having to spend our last hard-earned dollar to get it - just to find out the $15 - $20 CD we just bought only has 2 decent songs out of the 12 - 15 songs provided - the rest, CRAP! It's our fate to be the artists' (the RIAA more-so now) only source of income so they can work for 10% (if that) of their lives and then jack off, party for days, and eat like kings/queens for the other 90%. All those long spent hours of fun and stupidity then ends up in the celebrity "dirt" magazines and shows they expect us to spend more of that money we now don't have.

    How HORRIBLE we are!!