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  • Jan 27th, 2010 @ 10:40am


    This is so funny! But there are a few things I'd change in the further interest of complete compliance with the recording industry's weirdness: 1)No more free - they must pay like everyone else; 2)put at least six services, distributors, advertisers and other middlemen in the wireless delivery queue to pump up the prices; 3)keep the original wireless service provider enslaved by lousy royalties and arcane agreements while spending millions on lobbying and ads; 4)make them pay royalties to every intellectual property they load up while online; 6)introduce at least a dozen competing media formats, each of them required for a complete surfing experience; 7)randomly insert ID packets into the download stream to ensure honest compliance; 8)finally, make all online content available only in French and interrupt it every so often with promo ads, dire warnings about copyright infringement and bandwidth brownouts.