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  • Aug 2nd, 2012 @ 10:29am


    Sorry, Ryan Scott, but there is a case for cheating. Did everyone who responded here have a group to help them with words and letters, as well as typing? Nope, we all had to learn the English language. School is where we learn the basics, and HOPEFULLY, we ALSO learn to use them in a group. Most schools are doing an excellent job of giving the students an opportunity to collaborate. Whether they take it or not, that is another question. Unfortunately, we are looking at students that copy another student's quiz, and they call that "collaboration". They seriously do not know the difference. So, yes, there are time when collaboration is great. There are times when it is good to use others to help. But you have to know that you need help, not just always assume it, or you will never be able to solve problems. THAT is the skill which you need to teach your employees, not "unteach" the thought of doing something by one's self.