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  • Jan 28th, 2011 @ 12:48pm

    No more Dell

    I recently decided to upgrade my monitor on my Dell 3100 desktop. Found one at Dell website and called Dell to confirm the IN1920 monitor would work without complication on my computer. Dell Order dept said it would only need to be plugged in. He did NOT tell me a new graphic card would be necessary. After the monitor arrived and I tried to use it, I called tech support, who said the graphic card would be an additional $44 to make the monitor work properly. When I asked about difficulty of installation, I was assured that all I needed to do was call tech support to walk me thru the easy installation. Today I received the graphic card and after calling Dell support, being transferred to three different depts and placed on hold, which all took over an hour, I was finally told that assistance with the installation would be $59. I am completely turned off by Dell and this experience. Each contact I had was not upfront with the cost of making this monitor change, with the necessary extra part needed, and the cost of tech support. I did my part by giving each Dell rep full information (service tag, etc) about my computer, so I thought I would have been given an honest response about the necessary costs of changing the monitor. I feel like I was taken advantage of by Dell sales and service and this experience has cost them a long term customer. (Our family has had 3 Dell desktops and 2 laptops.) No more Dell!