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  • Sep 3rd, 2009 @ 1:47pm

    Re: Re: Pharma concern

    simply when medician started Dr. , drug makers , ect...
    where there TO HELP , as a matter of fact dr. swear to only help and do no harm
    it seems to me that if you make stuff you should make money
    fair enough?
    but also you should offer the best product .......period
    not the one you make more on , but works less well
    and that's what these drug companys do
    its all about money , not health care as they portay them selfs
    if it was about heath care they [drug companys] look for the best drug's , treatment , ect...they don't

    I think we as a socity should call in all drug company records and have them looked over by indepndent researchers

    if you do I'll bet you not only find its about money , but that you"ll find they have/or know of cures for most illnesses

    but we'll never know because if its about just money then lets be honest..........there is NO MONEY IN CURES

    the money is in treating and mantaining your illness or basicly.....sell you 1 pill , cure's you make a couple hundered or sell you a life time of pills for thousands and thousands of dollars never curing you just mantaining you so your still sick but feel better while taking the pill but get sick if you quit so you take their crap for life giving them a lifetime amount of money

    and the best scam they run is this pill has these side effects so you gotta take this pill to.......forever

    I don't trust drug companys or any politition thats protecting them............and will be voting against any that vote the way of big drugs come next election

    same goes for those who stand up for the insurance company's
    I'll vote them out

    republicans are you listening....your 30 yr old jobs are at stake

  • Aug 13th, 2009 @ 9:09am

    (untitled comment)

    I bet due process wouldn't be to slow for them if we were charging them!!
    they would want all their right's and time to find a loop hole !!
    so why shouldn't we have the same time and rights??