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  • Mar 26th, 2010 @ 9:59pm

    This is not even a close question...

    Let me get this straight...

    Mattel sells toys.

    Mattel has a charity foundation called Mattel Foundation which is focused on helping kids.

    Some charity comes along that is apparently also focused on helping kids(and knowing of the Mattel name and the fact that it provides toys to kids and perhaps even knowing of the existence of the Mattel Foundation) decides for whatever reason to call itself Project Mattel.

    And you guys don't see the potential for confusion?

    Assuming the above is correct, if there ever was a reason for trademark laws, this is it - this isn't just confusing to a moron in a hurry issue, this is, as stated above, confusing even to a genius moving at a leisurely pace.

    Again, if the facts stated above are correct, LEGO had no choice but to act.