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My name is Hardik Upadhyay and I am a Business Analyst and Developer in Telecom Innovation Lab of Tata Consultancy Services.

My areas of research includes:
Europe and US Telecom Market
Technological Innovation
Cloud Computing
Social Media Convergence
Mobile VAS Solutions
Telecom Business Model Innovation
Equipment Vendors Business Enhancemet (Quippo, Alcatel Lucent, Nokia Seimens Networks).
In my 2.8 years of experience in Telecom Innovation Lab, I have gained expertise in data crunching, innovation in Telecom market, Mobile Vas Solutions Implementation, Product / Service Innovation.

My research articles include Mobile VAS solutions for developing markets like India and Brazil, Telenor and DNA (Nordic TSP) business orientation for future, Apple OS 3.0 and Google Android strategy for smartphone OS, Cisco Telepresence and its future implementations, Broadband Market in India, IPTV and Triple Play in UK (BT).

In recent years, I have grown interest in Social media marketing using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. I have mentioned lot of articles on Search Engine Optimization for small and medium business channels in my blog.

Company research is also part of knowledge pursuit. I have done intense research on Google, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Alcatel Lucent, Tata Docomo and Nokia. The information ranges from product launch, business enhancement, new deals, business trends, patent applications, future moves predictions, etc.

I have passion to gain knowledge through various channels. It ranges from Google reader, blogs, forums to expert analysis of Forrester and Gartner. My passion also lies in enhancement of Telecom by the use of Information Technology and Competitive market analysis. Digitization of various process and its optimization is the first step to achieve it.

Reading books and blogs is my addiction. My expertise ranges from Technology, Mobiles, Gadgets, Product Reviews, Business Trends, Gaming, etc.

I completed my Engineering in Electronics And Communication. My undergraduate project was on Real Time Passenger Information System for Public Transport, Optimization of WiMax using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDMA), Enhanced Fire Alarm for Small Scale Business. My UG research was on 2G and 3G of Telecommunication, Frequency Scaling for Mobile Devices, Signal Convergence (Digital Signal Processing)

My personal interest includes music, jogging, gaming, reading books and sleeping.

I have passion about writing more about technology and business research and share it with others. I blog frequently @ http://www.techbizresearch.com and tweet @hardikupadhyay

In Online World - I will be debating with Technology Gurus and Innovators for new products and solutions and with Business Trend Experts and Hype Cycle creators for more insight on their research.


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