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  • May 11th, 2010 @ 1:14pm

    blue ray, DRM and Hollywood (as Gene Senior)

    I have NEVER ripped a DVD or Blue Ray disc in my life. I don't have a huge collection and figure that if they get lost or damaged that I won't miss them that much (I don't have a lot of interest in watching things repeatedly anyway).
    Reading this article just gets me fuming and makes me want to go and rip all of my discs and put them on an external drive just because I can. I paid for them and I shouldn't be told what format I should be able to store them in. Back in the good old days of LPs I would often spend hours making mixed tapes to take along with me in the car. I never heard anything about copyright when I was doing that.
    Dammit, these jokers do piss me off!