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  • Mar 15th, 2011 @ 5:21pm

    Privacy Policies and EULA's

    Surely one of the issues is the ridiculous format of Privacy Policies and EULA's, each is unique, outrageously verbose and largely impossible to assess against every possibility. Users know that and sign them in disgust but also hoping they will never breach them with normal use, what else can one do? Is it not about time a standard Privacy Policy and EULA was developed that is succinct (1 page max), specifies intent rather than hair-splitting specifics (ex. It is The Company's intent to ... and if The Company fails in this intent it can be held liable.) and is approved by the Gov't (they need to be partners in this contract so their position is known - it is no good them ambushing someone after the fact!). This standard-contract mechanism is not unique but is not as widely used as it could be, and yes there will be issues but frankly it will solve many more issues than it creates.