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  • Mar 5th, 2012 @ 10:54pm

    Smell a rat

    What about non-fiction books discussing rape, bestiality, under-age sexual activity or incest? What about books on the psychology behind all these behaviours? Self-help books to facilitate survivors healing from these experiences? Guidebooks for parents trying to teach their kids how to identify and avoid predators?

    Something just doesn't add up here -- it's not about illegal activity or they'd be insisting Smashwords remove ALL crime dramas, regardless of sexual content, or all love stories, regardless of the ages of the characters, or all... you get the picture.

    Methinks the poster reporting on the premiums demanded by CC companies dealing directly with sellers has it right. CC companies have no problem processing fees for strip clubs, pornography, etc., but if an end user complains the charges are false, somebody has to eat them.

    Is the real reason behind this "threat" -- that PayPal is trying to pass along this premium to Smashwords? Or is it the CC companies doing this directly? Personally, I'd like Smashwords to come clean on this.