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  • Nov 18th, 2014 @ 1:28am

    (untitled comment)

    Google uses its blogger platform to host under aged pornography. I once made a mistake many years ago and took under aged nude selfies of myself. I subsequently deleted the images and thought nothing more of them. Then my laptop crashed and I took it to a repair shop to get it fixed, the shop owners son somehow retrieved the nude deleted images and posted them on several pornographic forums and blogs. The police traced the IP address and the perpetrator ended up in jail.

    Subsequently with the help of the police my family and I were able to remove these images from these porn forums and blogs. However even though the blogs are deleted/closed, google continues to warehouse these images at urls terminating on their blogger platform. FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS google has refused ALL legal requests to remove these illegal underage images.

    I have found Google to be a EVIL corporation. It funds a puppet organization called which is a baseless academic organization engaging in spurious academic drivel. acts as the single largest repository of active links to illegal content including ILLEGAL UNDERAGED PORNOGRAPHIC images hosted on Google servers and platforms such as blogger.

    Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and the individuals who work for them are evil people who along with fraudulent organizations such as make it almost impossible to remove illegal pornography from their porn hosting platforms such as Blogger and from their search results. They are minting tons of cash on the misery of others.

    The world needs to know about how these evil individuals make their billions. I no longer use any google products and I suggest you do not either. These unethical evil individuals do not deserve any of our goodwill.