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  • Mar 15th, 2011 @ 9:38am


    i guess im just confused about the whole deal, so in the real world u can purchase anything in mass quantities,as reference to "if he registered through" , with the intent to at, a later date, sell for profit,this is legal.But to do the same with urls is squatting?Again, im just confused lol.And if so as set by some legal precedent im not privy to ,as i am not a lawyer and would not presume act as if i know anything about the legalities here,then thats fine but why the use of the word "squatting" then.When i see that some one is squatting, i think of a person or persons unlawfully making residence of a property not legally theirs to reside upon,that being my understanding of the word squatting,couldnt a diff name be used to avoid said confusion when passing the law im obviously oblivious to that makes his intentions a cyber crime,ie "cyber squatting"

  • Mar 15th, 2011 @ 7:44am

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    why does it matter what if anything the owner of any property cyber or physical does with it? If i buy something just to own it that is my right if you want it and i am willing to sell sweet, otherwise i own it its mine who cares what i do with it so long as im not hurting anyone with said property or violating their rights.In a way this term cyber squatting in reference to a url bought but not used is the same as a man/woman coming to town purchasing a home for a "summer" place and not returning, if property taxes are paid and it is maintained to not become a ey sore, would you then call them squaters? and even if it isnt maintained, that isnt squating its just bad ownership,but ownership just the same