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  • Jul 29th, 2013 @ 5:49pm

    Eric Holder's "no torture" letter

    Eric Holder is one of the biggest traitors in the US.
    Eric Holder arranged Marc Rich pardon for Bill Clinton,
    just days--maybe hours--before Clinton left office.

    Q: Who is Marc Rich?
    A: Marc Rich really was a traitor.
    Marc Rich was SELLING ARMS!! to enemies of the US!!
    Yet, Eric Holder arranges his pardon.

    Edward Snowden is not a traitor.
    It is not illegal to report something illegal,
    which is what Edward Snowden did.

    BO is the puppet of the Clinton Global Initiative.

    Here is the game--> "Classify" anything illegal
    the illegality is given a false protection
    whistleblowers can be smeared to look like traitors.
    "Classify" LOTS of illegality
    in the name of
    "national security."