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  • Indonesia Wields New Censorship Law To Block Yahoo, Paypal, And Several Gaming Websites

    GHB ( profile ), 03 Aug, 2022 @ 11:04am

    Just like turkish government

    both requiring a government registration.

  • AT&T Gets Yet Another Pathetic Wrist Slap After Making Millions From Shitty Fees

    GHB ( profile ), 02 Aug, 2022 @ 06:06am


  • BMW’s Push To Make Heated Seats A $18 Per Month Subscription Portends A Dumb And Costly Future

    GHB ( profile ), 13 Jul, 2022 @ 04:03pm

    Thisbmay not be new I first saw this on assholedesign on reddit:

  • BMW’s Push To Make Heated Seats A $18 Per Month Subscription Portends A Dumb And Costly Future

    GHB ( profile ), 13 Jul, 2022 @ 07:27am

    Microtransactions in cars

    So BMW is the EA of cars.

  • Data Protection Laws Prevent Recording Industry From Sending Pirate Warning Letters

    GHB ( profile ), 06 Jul, 2022 @ 02:44am


    when movie companies demanded VPN companies to log user data. Disgusting.

  • Data Protection Laws Prevent Recording Industry From Sending Pirate Warning Letters

    GHB ( profile ), 05 Jul, 2022 @ 02:21pm

    Another “anti-privacy” issue again

    Not a typo, when you try to go after pirates, it is possible that in order to do so, you may have to invade privacy. From questionable undisclosed DRM behavior of FlightSimLabs to sport streaming app la liga needing to record to verify the stream is legit (this latter item also ran afoul with GDPR, by the way). It is really treating as if the device we use in our private property is a public place like a store or a bank. One day we may see the copyright industry lobbying to have Chinese-styled surveillance on the internet.

  • California Legislators Seek To Burn Down The Internet — For The Children

    GHB ( profile ), 29 Jun, 2022 @ 05:37pm

    This basically turns the internet into facebook

    I'm against login walls (“log-walls” as I term it) -- sites asking me to create an account just to look at content for free. Especially when they ask for your personal information. I'm tolerant if NSFW content have this, but not so for SFW works. This have lead to the creation of bugmenot as well as proxies to dodge having to enter your personal info. These people supporting such “for the children” are stupid. The internet is not a daycare for kids, and shouldn't be treated like that. Maybe parents should take more responsibility on supervising their kids to use the internet, it shouldn't be the site's job to do this. How about use webfilters on your home network, have parental control privileges set on the device they're using, or better yet, they have to be watched constantly anytime when they use the computer, or don't let them use computers at all? Not only that, but “child-proofing” the internet is largely ineffective. Google “are age restrictions effective online?” and you'll get lots of articles showing that age restriction walls are ineffective. Children can lie about their age and more generally, enter fake info. Unless you meet them in person, just looking at the data they entered is not reliable to know if they're old enough to legally use the site. Either you have that flaw, or you have facebook to go even further by demanding a video recording of your face. Both of them are awful ideas.

  • Germany Says “Hell, No” To EU Proposal To Outlaw Encryption

    GHB ( profile ), 28 Jun, 2022 @ 07:28pm

    germany have learned it’s past mistakes A 180.

  • China Unveils New Regulations Requiring Sites To Pre-Censor All Comments

    GHB ( profile ), 28 Jun, 2022 @ 06:06pm

    Looks like its going to be hell on them

    A website may have 1,000,000s of users on its platform, imagine having to check literally 100% of that. You can have 100s of people moderating user post, but that won't be enough to keep up the rate of new posts appearing on the site.

  • Facepalm: USPTO Grants Ohio State University Trademark On The Word ‘The’

    GHB ( profile ), 27 Jun, 2022 @ 02:58pm

    So every logo and names having the word “the” must have a license?

    I can imagine Ohio State University will have a massive list of defendants on their lawsuit.

  • Ridiculous: Gov’t Contractor Copies Open Source 3D Printing Concept… And Patents It

    GHB ( profile ), 24 Jun, 2022 @ 08:02pm

    It's plagiarism, patent edition

    Not sure if there's ANY safeguards that if someone previously have made this before, the “copier” cannot register that as his.

  • Ridiculous: Gov’t Contractor Copies Open Source 3D Printing Concept… And Patents It

    GHB ( profile ), 24 Jun, 2022 @ 07:57pm

    Worse than middle earth nemesis system

    The patent system is a joke. It looks like should real “open” inventors who made such stuff immediately patented it before these awful proprietary “closed” people come and steal it.

  • Too Little, Too Late, WTO Finally Eases Patent Rights On COVID Vaccines

    GHB ( profile ), 22 Jun, 2022 @ 05:25pm

    Looks like WSJ has been politicalized

    The White House is flogging the deal as a diplomatic victory. But it’s an enormous defeat for U.S. national interests that will benefit China and set a precedent that erodes intellectual property protection. This won’t be the last time global grifters seek to pilfer U.S. technology.
    More like corporate interest. I think they just assume government makes any decision that puts greedy corporations at a disadvantage as “pro-china” simply because the mindset that it is politically correct that any form of anti-corporation-capitalist is pro-communism. Sorry, but both can be disagreed.

  • Yet Again We Remind Policymakers That “Standard Technical Measures” Are No Miracle Solution For Anything

    GHB ( profile ), 03 Jun, 2022 @ 08:28pm

    Same problem with Sculthorpe problem

    “context is everything” --Torrentfreak article on Activision Blizzard demanding github to be like youtube else you are encouraging piracy What else requires context? Knowing if someone is saying a naughty word. Developing an algorithm to do this at a massive scale? Well, these happened. You may be thinking “well we could just add additional checks like additional letters around the flagged word and make sure it doesn't ignore spaces”. WRONG. People that are persistent on trying to sneak swear words aren't stupid, and will try alternative ways to bypass it. Like, making it not ignore spaces and people can just say “youasshole” without being flagged. If data can be manipulated or transform in a way it can be reverted back to its original form, then the very same thing is true for copyrighted material. Already demonstrated when that famous 09 F9 and youtube-dl encoded as an image when they're attacked with 1201 claims. Obfuscation, encryption are ways to trick the system to think these are different files. Archive files like ZIP, 7zip have a feature to encrypt them with a password. Even without that, you can split your files into chunks and upload them separately, reverse the bytes, encode them, and so on since everything digital is made up of 0 and 1s. The list of prohibited license plates in most states in the US are HUGE, with most of them are variations of curse words, phrases that pronounce a swear word, and so on. This problem started in 1996 and is still happening even today (say several Kid-friendly Nintendo's Mario maker and pokemon games). All these recent examples indicate that this problem hasn't been solved. I also really hate that “not interfere with standard technical measures” clause, because this means that platforms aren't even allowed to correct (as in, override) an auto-takedown on stuff that they believe is legal, forcing every content on the internet to be “taken down first, ask questions later”. The current DMCA on safe harbors is already a “guilty until proven innocent” but at least platforms may legally reject notices they deem are invalid. A law that requires platform to over-rely and be gullible on technology to do the anti-piracy job, WTF. In the very worse case scenario is when you go online and search something returns almost empty with mostly irrelevant, unrelated results. Several of your pages you visit are error 404 or anything that is a message telling you its blocked and is inaccessible.

  • Are ‘Fast Movies’ Really A Substitute For The Real Thing? Or Just Good Marketing?

    GHB ( profile ), 02 Jun, 2022 @ 02:26pm

    Was about to say the same thing...

    I totally agree, if Japanese rightsholders prohibit revealing the plot of a novel even outside their country (such as subpoenaing a english youtuber from the U.S), you might as well go after wikipedia. They too reveal plot summaries of various fiction works. Hell, just someone being physically next to another talking about a fiction's plot may very well be a lost sale.

  • Not Fit For Purpose: Libraries Explain How Copyright Failed Libraries During The Pandemic

    GHB ( profile ), 01 Jun, 2022 @ 02:58pm

    Copyright, more like copyshite

    Companies are already pushing the boundaries of what they aren't allowed to do with copyright law. Section 1201, abusive takedown notices and contracts of any kind, including EULAs are the ways that enable them of such acts. On the contract part, take a look at this, from the IA's message: on page 15

  • Yet Another Game Studio Chooses To Mess With Pirates As A Strategy

    GHB ( profile ), 28 May, 2022 @ 07:10am

    Basically, the courtesy horn

    The somewhat equivalent to this: I rather have that than “damaging” DRMs like sony rootkit, phoning home, or any other acts outside the software.

  • Copyright As Censorship: Abuse Of The DMCA To Try To Delete Online News Is Rampant

    GHB ( profile ), 24 May, 2022 @ 03:46pm


    Plagiarism. Not sure why I have the misspelled word in my browser dictionary.

  • Copyright As Censorship: Abuse Of The DMCA To Try To Delete Online News Is Rampant

    GHB ( profile ), 24 May, 2022 @ 03:45pm

    Plagerism, takedown edition

    Leemena of Sonic Gather battle had the audacity to claim not to steal “his” (actually, sega's sonic advance series sprites, just minor edits). Contrary to Sega's permissive license to fans to use their content. Just imagine this person issuing DMCA notices if he managed to fake the dates. That right there is the back-dated article technique.

  • Because Of Course: Rightsholders Pushing To Turn Digital Services Act Into Another Anti-Piracy Tool

    GHB ( profile ), 13 May, 2022 @ 03:52pm

    Oh look, another “nuke a website if it has infringing content on any page” provision

    So under this regime, any site is considered a “pirate site” just because one page has infringing content. That sounds familiar back in 2011-12. The internet as a whole may very well be considered a “pirate's haven”. In essence, any user can convert a 100% perfectly legal site into a pirate site with just one illegal upload. Again and again. That's like if a city has any criminals, then the entire population of that city should be arrested and are presumed guilty.

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