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  • Jan 21st, 2014 @ 2:51pm

    Rep. Mike Rogers PROUD REPUBLICAN

    The only thing better than a Mike Rogers Republican is someone
    named Dianne Feinstein and that isn't saying much. That is saying
    close to nothing. What a handsome fella that Rogers might be
    if you were a log cabin Republican. But hey, according to Alex Jones
    and technotypes who have no patience with politics, "they're all the
    same party" b/ c like "they're all liars and corrupt". What if I said
    that it's a very large cottage industry in the GOP to turn ppl off of
    politics and voting? The more ppl who vote the worse they do.

    A little reality. The NSA and everyone in the intel industrial
    corporate complex knows that their orders are to exceed their
    orders. Where have you heard that before? Well isn't that like
    against the constitution and such as that? *What would our
    founders say?* Until the next 911 & all the emotional reactionaries
    will keep overreacting like always. Like they did when Cheney
    created a post 911 security in triplicate private contractor
    stimulus in the trillions of dollars to the intel "community"
    and to the economies of Virginia, Maryland & DC. Not to
    mention what was added to the NSA, DHS.

    Did you read the
    Wired article on Gen. Alexander and his private fiefdom ,
    the NSA and cibersecurity ? That came out a month after Snowden
    left the country (July) No mention of Snowden. And yes, it was
    contracted months before. Obama initiated his panel on security in
    March. Snowden was in contact with Greenwald a month b4 he got the
    job at Booz Allen Hamilton. He left the country in June.

  • Jan 21st, 2014 @ 2:15pm


    Well imagine that. What is the NSA credo again? Moderation
    is for cowards, our mandate is to exceed our mandate. Well I
    disagree. The sickos at the NRA and their private contractor
    androids need to be restrained. And the FISA court that does
    the restraining? 10 out of 11 are Republicans appointed by
    Chief Justice know...the guy who had to be led
    through the Presidential swearing in ceremony by Mr & Mrs Obama
    b/c he forgot how to do it in the most viewed event in history.
    A proud conservative.

  • Jan 21st, 2014 @ 2:04pm

    Re: Re: who is reacting emotionally?

    Well, you are. The comment by the guy from China is the unfortunate
    reality, which you are too reactionary to accept. Your comment is T-
    Party paranoia personified.

    When MKUltra was finally exposed by Kennedy & Sen. Frank Church
    in 1977 they were called "traitors". Ppl like you were shocked that the
    CIA was torturing US citizens (isn't that against the law and such)
    even though the evidence was destroyed after Watergate by the
    CIA director. Those who were MIA since 2002 when Cheney Bush
    initiated a private contractor (free market) security in triplicate
    bureaucracy are still shocked the NSA IS RECORDING. GOLLY

    As mentioned previously, the NSA mandate is to exceed
    their mandate. That is the reality the commenter from China was
    trying to remind you of. That reality is made personal in China.
    Over here we kicked out the Dick Cheney's and most recently
    his daughter (never count that one out) but all the GOP has to
    do is rebrand themselves Tea Party to get over. PRISM STARTED
    WHEN? 2007? Well thank you Ed Snowden for concentrating
    the attention on that fact.

  • Jan 20th, 2014 @ 8:33pm

    Re: Re: who is reacting emotionally? All of you

    That comment from China is more than correct.

    I am also tired of the
    "faux outrage" for the following reason, the NSA mandate has
    always been to exceed its mandate. IOW, I haven't been MIA
    since 2000 when Cheney Bush established a post 911 private
    contractor security in triplicate colossus & trillion dollar stimulus
    to the Southern states of Maryland, Virginia as well as DC.
    What did you think they were doing?

    Not to mention adding to the publicly financed security bureaucracy.
    (IOW, spend every dime and then yell austerity when out of office.)

    Even novelists like Margret Atwood assumed the NSA would do what
    they always do per her writing and recent NY Times article. She
    assumed and many others knew or assumed the NSA was into EVERYTHING.

    Including cartoonists like Tom Tomorrow below linked.
    His 1994 cartoon - www as NSA launching platform. 1994? Ha!

    I'm from the US and like the commenter from China
    have experience with the nasty stuff and would NOT be surprised if
    PRISM (started in 2007) was the very least of it. IOW, things on the
    level of MKUltra that Ted Kennedy and Frank Church exposed in the
    1970's and were called "traitors" by conservatives of both parties
    for the simple reason that the right dominated the culture and whose
    influence, thankfully, was peaking. The CIA doing "shocking" things to
    US citizens domestically. Imagine that? Now it's probably outsourced
    to the private contractor corporate complex.