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  • Oct 4th, 2011 @ 7:15pm

    Encourage SMEs and VCs to Invest More in IP While Winning them over for ACTA?

    The only other documentation is a press release from METI (Japan Ministry of Economy Trade & Industry) which states they will make the case on how protecting IP can facilitate recovery from the earthquake, and that they are calling on the public to participate in the forum. See (in Japanese):

    (According to the announcement) METI is also offering a free post-presentation conference aimed at internal IP counsel/advisors, general attorneys and patent attorneys. Their pitch for why you would want to come? You are an SME wanting to take your services/products global. What better place than to mill around at a forum (ahem) signing ceremony where there are dignitaries from numerous countries, all interested in protecting IP and dealing with counterfeits of your products?

    Looking at the agenda though, given that signing countries are making a presentation, it seems to me that is really the opposite: they are giving ACTA signing countries a chance to "impress the gravity of the situation" on IP policy makers in various industries. Clever.