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  • Oct 17th, 2011 @ 4:34pm

    Should Named It Something Else and Expand Features

    Moonblink should of named it something else and change format to something more science related and educational to avoid infringement. Like tech meter or tri-meter. It was a great app for people who have to experiment with magnetism, electricity, and communications, not play science fiction role playing games like a 9 year old. There was no logo on the app, but the skin and the cheesy sounds were giving it away. If that is a problem why don't he change the format to a different skin and use different open source sounds, but don't do anything science fiction related. I did not install the app to role play, I needed it to measure magnetism, Wifi signal strength, and other features. And no it does not do what it does in the movies and TV. I was waiting for him to come out with a paid app to further his development for more scientific research in the tri field project and not do something tributing to a science fiction flick. I don't watch science fiction that much than I used to, but still would recommend the app for hobbyists, and engineers. If he would bring it back be sure to name it something else and create a different skin and sounds and make it work better and faster.