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  • Jul 30th, 2010 @ 7:03pm

    Magicjack Blocking calling cards and more

    Mr. Borislow: I hope you still;; read this site. Today, after buying as many 10 MJ's for friends and families and using the MJ for almost 2 years, I found out that you are blocking calls to long distance companies and calling cards. I'm very disappointed. You make millions with this product, why can we, the "little people" enjoy calling with lower rates internationally than the ones you offer? You advertise call any number ion the US and Canada for free, but you block the numbers that compete with you. I bought your product in good faith. You even had video interview where you said that the profit margin at $ 19.95 was so great, that you were almost ashamed to charge "that much" a year ( Telephony Magazine)
    Today I got the recording after calling my regular long distance company access number that, if I wanted to call long distance. I should pay Magicjack. Well. I did pay Magicjack for unlimited US calling.
    Thank you very much for unblocking all the blocked #'s

    Hope your daughter and the dogs are doing well.