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  • Mar 21st, 2014 @ 10:08am


    In Tulsa, OK. FBI created a sting to catch a dirt bag cop because people were complaining about him stopping them and stealing their drug money. The sting is on video, the dirty cop puts money in his back pocket while other officers that he called for backup are in another room and one is on the phone.. not watching the dirty cop.
    The dirty cop of course makes a deal, he said he was going to share the stolen money with the other officers, but they knew nothing about it. The undercover FBI posing as a dealer, has no drugs only money. This FBI undercover agent said to the grand jury, only the one officer, the dirty one, is actually dirty because there were two more stings were done on the other officers just to make sure.. all money was always turned in, there were never any drugs. One of the innocent officers (on the force over 34 years and retiring with no complaints) tried to coax the undercover FBI to bring drugs to Tulsa, OK befriend him, to reel him as they are trained to do, so he could catch him with drugs and arrest him. The FBI undercover called once and said he had drugs, but already sold them. This officer never saw this man with any drugs, but if he had proceeds from drugs sales, he turned in the money. All five officers are charged based on the words of the dirty cop that said he was going to share the money which was a lie , but that is the deal he made with the Federal Prosecutor from Little Rock so they could have a higher head to promote their careers. The dirty cop even told the other cops to say some names and they can have a deal too…which the Federal Prosecutors tried to get them to take deals four times, they all said ‘ no, we’ve done nothing wrong’.
    Now at trial the FBI undercover agent changes his story to say what the Federal Prosecutor from Little Rock, AR. tells him to say. What he said on the stand in NOT what he told the grand jury. The FBI says the dirty cop gave this officer money, OFF CAMERA ! that is a lie and how would he know that, only from the dirty cop making a deal to save himself.
    Then the Federal Prosecutor from Little Rock, AR. says this innocent officer, who is 60 years old now and retired is a ‘king pin’ drug dealer !!! charged with conspiracy to sell drugs, that he is trying to get a man to bring drugs to the streets of Tulsa !.. there were no drugs !! and no money missing ! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN ??
    No evidence of any of this… there were never any drugs !
    The Federal Prosecutors know they lied and withheld evidence, the defense tried to bring in evidence , the Federal Judge from New Mexico always sided with the Federal Prosecutors.. not to mention the undercover FBI either lied on the stand in Tulsa, OK. or he lied to the grand jury, shouldn’t be a big deal? The Federal Prosecutors told other officers, if they talked to any Defense attorneys they would be charged with obstruction of justice ! That is a joke, the Federal Prosecutors are the ones obstructing justice and by threatening the defense witnesses, these officers did not get a fair trial.
    The dirty bag officer, at home with his family.. the innocent officer that is now 62 years old is in prison.
    The Federal Prosecutors lied repeatedly and they knew it, but the jury when they heard since they didn’t have a decision would come back next week, then all of a sudden, they say ‘guilty of conspiracy to sell drugs’… there were no drugs. The Federal Prosecutor decided the weight of the nonexistence drugs and the innocent officer got 10 years in prison..
    Our system is a joke.