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  • Dec 25th, 2010 @ 10:14am

    Barrett is a hypocrite and a quack himself.

    Why? Because he points out faults and dangers about everything he can possibly find that is not chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

    Mind you, I know there are alternative medicine quacks out there. I believe, for instance, that Hulda Clark's belief that "all cancer is caused by parasites," and that the way to get rid of them is to use something called a "zapper" to destroy the parasites, is ridiculous.

    On the other hand, I have seen one of the treatmeents Barrett describes as dangerous put a close friend of mine in complete remission. It's called "insulin potentiated therapy, and it works on the premise that cancer cells are better at absorbing glucose than are normal cells. The process is simple, and is done right in the doctor's office. The doctor injects his client with enough insulin to bring his glucose level down significantly. He then injects a far smaller dose of chemotherapy, along with glucose, into the client. The result is that the cancer cells ingest considerably more of the chemo drug than the normal cells do, and more, incidentally, than when regular, higher doses are administered by oncologists, and the normal cells get far less of the chemotherapy, so that there is no hair loss, no vomiting, no neutropenia, no mouth sores, no neuropathy, (possibly no sterility---I am not sure about that), but in short, there are none of the horrible side-effects that happen with regular doses of chemotherapy.

    The close friend I mentioned need emergency treatment because he had lymphoma tumors growing on the inside of his throat. The insulin potentiated therapy destroyed the lymphoma, and it has not returned in 14 years.

    When Barrett says that insulin potentiated therapy could put someone into a coma, and that he could die, I have to laugh, because nowhere on his site does Barrett say anything about the terrible dangers of chemotherapy,(as well as radiation and surgery.) Interleukin-2, for instance, is so toxic and so damamging to the system that it has to be administered in a hospital intensive care unit!

    No onE has gone into a coma or died from insulin potentiated chemotherapy,, but plenty of people have died or been seriously injured/debilated by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. And chemotherapy, radiation and surgery have a dismal record for putting clients into remisson for any decent length of time.

    Therefore, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery for cancer can certainly be termed quackery, but there is nothing on Barrett's site about the fact that chemotherapy is poison, and that in most cases, it is ineffective.

    Quack! Quack! Quack, and hypocritical Quacks at that.