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  • Jul 22nd, 2010 @ 2:52pm

    Enter Creative Commons

    A solution that I have not seen talked about here is recurring to a Creative Commons License to publish your music.

    There are many strong cases to do this one of the most significant, in my opinion, that of German composer Boris Metzga a.k.a. Comfort Fit.

    He releasing his work on netlabels, freely distributing his music while retaining all the rights over it. By using a Creative Commons License by (attribution) nc (only non commercial not for profit use allowed) nd (non-derivatives allowed from the original work) Boris actually retained all rights over his tracks while reaching an wider audience, making money out of live acts and Dj Sessions until he got the attention of some major labels and of Mercedes Benz that invited him to make the sound design for some of their spots.

    Today, by using social media, artists are able to reach a wider non-local audience and for that all they need is to be serious about their work. If they are, and if they have the talent, the need no middle man taking a huge cut of their profits.
  • Jul 22nd, 2010 @ 2:38pm

    Lets take a moment...

    ... please.

    There are two sides to this story:

    1. The totally foolish "Stop Fashion Piracy" campaign from Diane von Furstenberg that is doomed from the beginning and that was been received, since its inception, with a cold shoulder by the industry. The campaign will go nowhere because fashion design depends on pattern design and next season's patterns are not really decided by designers but by another body of the fashion industry that are the real trend setters.

    The only difference is that Diane von Furstenberg's materials are more expensive and of higher quality than those of, say, H&M but basic pattern design is the same and it is pattern design that sets the trends.

    Having said that...

    2. Companies like H&M and Zara (to name the most important ones) rely on what comes out from the several fashion weeks to cash in. Their advantage is that they work with a "just in time" stock system and they are able to produce what's "in" in the fashion world swiftly.
    These companies do copy, in detail, what is trendy while using less noble materials and within a scale that makes their products available at a price that is more attractive.

    Why aren't these companies being accused of plagiarism or piracy?

    Because they help to create fashion conscious consumers that, if and when, will step up the economic ladder and will be future consumers of high street fashion brands.

    Can it be true that Diana von Furstenberg committed an honest mistake?
    Do I believe she did?
    No way.

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