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  • Jul 14th, 2010 @ 9:18am

    We have no strategy

    Hello and thanks for the interesting article.

    I think the problem with this is expecting that musicians, or more specifically artists - the few who actually create work of some genuine artistic merit - should also be web savvy, entrepreneurially oriented business people. The fact is, that is an unlikely and indeed unfortunate combination. In practice what it means is that people of limited artistic ability, who are motivated by musical success bypass those of genuine ability who hone their musical skills at the expense of their marketing prowess.

    Our response to this conundrum as a struggling near bankrupt label which has invested a lot in time, money and effort into ART is just to give it away free, and think of it as a charitable act, which may someday be returned.

    Try it out: http://www.soundseed.com/downtoreverie

    Best wishes
    Piet Haag
    A&R Director
    Eye Dog Eye
    Britains worst label