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  • Sep 10th, 2010 @ 1:59pm

    Re: Re: Where is the prior art?

    Typically judges will stay litigation if a non-frivolous reexam request has been filed and prosecution has been reopened by the USPTO.

    If I remember correctly, RIM filed for reexam AFTER losing at trial and during appeal. I believe this was because they didn't find good prior art until after trial.

  • Sep 10th, 2010 @ 1:47pm

    Re: Prior Art: An Actual Shopping Cart

    Yes, it's basically one message sent from the buyer's computer that includes a product code, payment info and a digital signature that authenticates the message. The digital signature is a hash of the info in the message based on a network key.

    NewEgg is a great company. If someone has slam-dunk prior art for this, they should forward it on to them. Just yesterday I ordered a hard drive enclosure from them and it came the same day with the cheapest shipping! Outstanding.

    Here is a sample claim:

    A network-based system for processing payment messages, comprising:

    a buyer computer; and

    payment computer;

    the buyer computer and the payment computer being interconnected by a public packet switched computer network;

    the buyer computer being programmed to send to the payment computer a payment message for purchasing a product in response to a user request,

    the payment message comprising a product identifier identifying the product,

    the payment message comprising a universal resource locator containing all information required by the payment computer for authorizing purchase of the product and an authenticator that comprises a digital signature based on a cryptographic key;

    the payment computer being programmed to receive the payment message and to authorize, based on the payment message, purchase of the product.