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  • Aug 22nd, 2013 @ 7:13am

    Appealing To Control Freaks' Many Issues With Some Chasing Demons Distracts From Monopoly Priviatization And GMO's, Which Are Hurting Kids

    (Appealing To Control Freaks' Many Issues With Some Chasing Demons Distracts From Monopoly Priviatization And GMO's, Which Are Hurting Kids)

    Obviously when governments are invested
    in maximizing the breadth and maximum
    take, the key goals in constructing the
    architecture of monopoly, from the
    following scheme:

    Privatize The Profits, Socialize The Costs.
    Marry To Monopoly For Maximum Effect.
    Cost Brake With Simpson-Bowles.
    Use The Adversity As A Profit Center.
    Where Sufficiently Severe, Use To Privatize.
    (Except Today Pre-Texted Ready-
    Privatization’s Been Invented.)

    they need more than obfuscation as to
    the above.

    Making people see demons instead of
    seeing through the above is facilitated
    by the fact that it encourages and elicits
    the very things our mental health professionals
    work to reduce, like paranoia.

    Though These Kids Look
    Impressively Level, I Think Others
    May Be Expected To Internalize
    Fear And Control As Being Some
    Kind Of Normal State.
    To Me, For These Kids, It
    Should Hardly Matter Whether
    The Control's Coming From The
    Imagined Threat, When GMO's Are
    A Real Threat (See Below,) Or
    If It's These Police Exerting The
    All Irrationalities And Hurtful Or
    Unfair Causes Are Traceable And
    Nothing Should Cause Anyone To
    Spend A Moment Knowing
    Anything But Being
    Relaxed And Carefree.

    Meanwhile, Back At The Farm,
    While Those Cops Are Scaring The
    Wits Out Of Our Children Till
    Someone Hands Them A Sangria
    To Chill And Stop Seeing Demons,
    Across The Pond They're
    Preoccupied With Annoying
    Fathers And Sons.
    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2396222/Branded-paedophile-hiking-son-WILL-SELF-revea ls-nightmare.html

    Meanwhile, They Reflect A
    Curious Observation Fail.
    The Oligarchs Are Simultaneously
    Monopolizing And Destroying Our
    Sustenance And Jeopardizing Their
    Own Kids' Habitats (With Destruction
    Currently The Safer Bet.)
    And While It Only Takes One
    Disgruntled Group To Justify In The
    Minds Of Some A World Of Control And
    Fear, Though That Happens To Also Be
    The Political System Of Gangsters, The
    Above Also Implies Not Simply Fear And
    Control Replacing Democracy And
    Freedom To Associate With People And
    One's Son, But -0- Prospect Of
    Regaining A Relaxed And Carefree
    Absent Relief From The Paranoia And
    Inner Hurts Of The Disgruntled.

    I've Proposed Mimicing The
    http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/21900000/Deanna-Troi-star-trek-the-next-ge neration-21949623-1024-768.jpg

    Duopoly From Star
    Trek, Balancing The Obnoxiousness,
    And Balancing The "Equities," As A
    New Approach To Foreign Affairs,
    Wherein Mental Health Professionals
    Join The Process Of The Diplomatic
    Search For Commonalities. That
    Defines A Radical Departure In Its Own
    Right. Though Diplomacy Is Supposed
    To Be About Seeking Commonalities,
    Obviously The Oligarchs Prefer Divisions.
    The More The Merrier.

    But The Converse Of Only One Tiny
    Disgruntled Group Ostensibly Having At
    Its Disposal The Basis For The End Of
    Democracy Is Our Having A Simultaneous
    Universality Of Winners Or Losers.
    One Small Band Makes Us All Losers
    By That Formula. If They Don't Destroy
    A City, The Oligarchs Will Destroy A World.
    They Depend On Angry People Suffering
    Classic Unsettled Hurts, It Seems, And
    Who See Demons. Of Course We Do
    Have Bad People--Rich Frauds Foreclosing
    Our Children's World.

    The People Hiring Trolls To Divide Are
    The People In The House We Know
    Have Some Kind Of Problem. Hiring
    People To Divide Others Is Not Sociable.
    When Chileans Say They Don't Want
    GMO's From A Cartel They Don't
    Trust And It's Forced Upon Them,
    Something Radically New Is Happening.
    It's Economic.
    Companies In The Past Found Success
    By Wooing Customers.
    Forcing Products On Them Is Glaringly A
    Different Economic System.
    It's Something In Mental Health.
    When Someone Forces Himself On
    Others, Is That Not Rape?
    These Are Issues That Actually Only
    Qualified People Are Able To Handle.

    Frankly, To This Day I'm Still Astounded
    By Mental Health Professionals' Ability
    To Do Their Job.

    Some Control Freaks Are Half Informed.
    Others Are Put Up To It.
    Others Knew Control And Fear In Their
    Homes. Others Are Angry.
    When A Doctor First Meets A
    Patient She's Confronted With
    Essentially An Infinity Of Possibilities,
    Though There're Certainly
    Common Problems.
    None Is A Basis For Judging, Though
    That's All They Know.
    Some Can't Hear A Joke Being Told
    But Defensively. It's Their Lives
    Lost First. Pity Them. Some
    Might've Been Poets.
    Mental Health Is About Just So
    Much More Health Status And
    Morbidity, And Not Judging, Though
    The Latter May Characterize The
    Patient's Compulsions.

    Why Arming Teachers Is Also A
    Process Of Predictably Having
    Teachers Accidentally Shoot
    Your Kids:

    (I'd Worry More About
    The Kids Eating This.)


  • Aug 15th, 2013 @ 7:38am

    Economics, Public Health Grounded, And Aware of Pre-Textual Monopoly, Welcome Concomitant Adversity, And Privatization

    Citations Used By
    Judge Shira A. Scheindlin
    (Stop And Frisk:)

    Courts can take no better measure
    to assure that laws will be just than to
    require that laws be equal in operation. —
    Railway Express Agency v. People of State of New York,
    336 U.S.106, 112–13 (1949) (Jackson, J., concurring)

    It is simply fantastic to urge that
    [a frisk] performed in public by a policeman
    while the citizen stands helpless, perhaps
    facing a wall with his hands raised,
    is a ‘petty indignity.’ —
    Terry v. Ohio,
    392 U.S. 1, 16–17 (1968)

    Whether you stand still or move,
    drive above, below, or at the speed limit,
    you will be described by the police as
    acting suspiciously should they wish
    to stop or arrest you. Such subjective,
    promiscuous appeals to an ineffable
    intuition should not be credited.
    — United States v. Broomfield,
    417 F.3d 654, 655 (7th Cir. 2005) (Posner, J.)

    From Operation Ghetto Storm
    (not e is a pdf)

    (Stop and Frisk Videos, Leading Result
    The Most Viral)

    Definition of Ethnic Cleansing

    Words Of a Famous Holocaust Survivor:
    "It so happens that killing a man is not
    the greatest evil that one can do that man.
    The Nazis were specialists, not only in murder
    and physical torture,
    but also in man's degradation and debasement,
    in the extermination of his hope,
    his attachment to life and his faculty of reasoning."

    Unrelenting Fear And Insult

    http://wonkette.com/524227/hero-new-york-cops-disciplined-just-for-stopping-and-frisking-6 0-year-old-black-police-chief-who-had-id-around-his-neck

    On A Youth Can Highly Predictably
    Result In A Reaction Leading To A
    Trayvon--Style Result,


    Of The Youth's Violation Of Rights.
    Lynchings, I Think, Can Come About
    In Varied Circumstances, And Exist
    In Varied Dressings.
    It's The Offensive Actors First
    Arriving On The Scene Who Come With
    A Past Of Fear, Hate And Personal
    Hurts, And It's They Who Need Not
    Policing, But Caring Assistance.

    Opposite The Hate, Anger, Fear
    And Compulsion To Debase

    http://blogsensebybarb.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/statue_of_liberty_with_extract_of_poem_ by_emma_lazarus_fixed.jpeg