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  • Jan 4th, 2013 @ 10:14pm

    Jaa Wir konnen!!

    Adolf Hitler was a charismatic man who could touch an audience with his words and give inspiring speeches about the past, present and the future. The glowing utopian future of the supreme reich like none who had come before. Germany was special and their friendly people were deserving the best. He would make that happen. The people believed the words so rightious and powerfull spoken. A cry was heard in all of Germany " Jaa Wir konnen!!" "Jaa Wir konnen!!" and verbaly abusing the french "Wir hassen Deine Kung-Fu!!" Which translates "We're unimpressed with your Savate" Savate is a fighting technic only the French were able to master. Terrible humilation for the french there.
    "Jaa Wir konnen!!" Everybody believed they indeed could and Hitler was chosen, after a few months parlement was outlawed and Hitler was the sole leader of the Germans. In 1938 he was even considered for the Nobel peace price. Seven years later the country was torn in two and there was but broken stones, deathcamps, gaschambers and ovens. The people sifting through the rubble evaluated their election of the fuhrer and remembered the fact that he gave amazing speeches. He enthralled the people with words. Typicly people would say "perhaps his talkgiving abilities were to thin a basis to elect him" "maybe we should have read his book"
    Obama has won the Nobel peace price already I believe. His book is probaly a friendly book about things he has observed

  • Jan 4th, 2013 @ 5:08pm

    Re: China consumes more than HALF the world's cement.

    I am no banking advocate banks are parasites of society and enemy of the people but the only reason for the good things happening in china has nothing to do with directed economy or communism and all to do with private ownership, free enterprise and free trade. In communist China one could not own land. After the land reforms in 1950 millions died of hunger. Same thing happenend in the Soviet union 30 years before. The disowned peasents when talking back were labeled culags and send to siberia to labour like animals. Absolutely nothing good has ever come from bringing into practice the dismal ideas of Karl Marx.
    This is the truth if not then I am a victim of the lies of the tyrannic ruling class.