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  • Jan 28th, 2013 @ 8:05pm

    Re: Sam's Club sign-up...

    Thanks so much for responding. I ended up calling up Directv and asking what I needed to.
    Here's what I found out:
    I can cancel if I want up till they do the installation... and they have to return all money I've already paid... $140 upfront fee plus the $19.95 for shipping.

    When I called I was told that I got a $10 per month off for the first year as a $120 credit because I bought it from Sam's Club. Soooo... basically I paid and extra $40 at Sam's Club which I'm okay with... I get sales people have to make a living somehow. It's not that much more... I'll live.

    I actually had been looking to upgrade before installation just in case they had to give me something different during the process.

    When I called Directv and said I am interested in upgrading the package, but I think it's too high compared to what Dish offers for their highest package the guy offered to extend the Unlimited Showtime package for an additional 6 months for a total of 9 free months.

    My pricing for the Premier package (with the Genie DVR w/ 2 other HD TVs and 3 standard TVs (total of 6)is:
    $74.99 per month for the first 3 months...
    $107.99 per month for the next 6 months...
    $119.99 per month for the next 3 months...
    $149.99 per month for the 2nd entire year...
    Keep in mind I already paid the "upfront fees" of $159.95.

    Overall I think it's a pretty decent deal... and the extra 6 months of the $12 savings takes off another $72. My Comcast just went up to $175 per month because we added a DVR that can only be used by one TV and has about 10% the storage capacity. That's with high speed internet, phone, and a decent amount of cable channels (without all the HBO, Showtime, Cinemax channels)... and a bunch of included sports channels.

    Did anyone out there get a much better deal than that? Unless it's significant, it's not really worth the back-and-forth with them.

    Thanks again for responding...


  • Jan 28th, 2013 @ 7:48am

    Sam's Club sign up...

    I actually wrote a big... long-winded comment and they haven't approved it yet... so you didn't see what I actually wrote.

    I signed up at Sam's Club, but they haven't installed the service yet. So my question is... is signing up at Sam's Club... them running my credit, charging my account $159.95 (upfront fee) and reading me the terms of service the same as a contract that they'll make me sign the day of installation (tomorrow) Tuesday 29th???

    I'm not saying I want to totally cancel the deal... I actually am looking at upgrading to the highest tier with all the movie channels, but I want the price to be close to what I would get with Dish (comparable). Dish price per month for the upper tier is about $85 through the 1st year and $120ish for the 2nd year... for 6 TVs. Through Directv it's $130ish for the 1st year and $150ish for the 2nd... for 6 TVs. I'll do the upper tier with Directv... I just want them to come close to matching the price... $85 and then $120.

    So, since they haven't installed it yet... can I still negotiate my deal or cancel them without penalty? And if so, can I get my $159.95 for the upfront fee and shipping fee... since I didn't receive anything.


  • Jan 27th, 2013 @ 11:41pm

    Oh... one more thing about Sam's Club sign-up...

    The sales person called a woman that ran the credit check... then took my debit card and processed it. She also read me parts of the contract that stated how much it costs for cancellation per month ($20) of the months you don't use for up to $480.

    Is that considered a legally binding contract... or is that just used to kinda tricking people into thinking they can't get out of it (even though they can?).