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  • May 15th, 2014 @ 8:44pm

    I think it is a shame that 23andme is being forced abroad to innovate. I can't imagine how this helps the US, helps individuals who want to know more about themselves and medicine in general. To the point of other persons here, I agree the FDA seems to be creatively stretching the bounds on "medical" approval or use given that DNA testing is old hat. But, somehow because the general community can now have access to something that was previously cost prohibitive (National Geographic also does/did this test as part of a separate study at a higher cost I believe) it's become a no-no...

    You want to make people wait 1000 years to get a medical product approved for our safety... great! But why because i want to stick a cotton swap in my mouth or saliva in a cup for a DNA test well beyond the testing phase are they so bent out of shape?