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  • Feb 7th, 2018 @ 9:03pm



    I have information concerning SECURUS and tha actual issue concerning attorney client privileged communications. The recent release from INTERCEPT is incorrect this has been going on with SECURUS since their inception. Take a look at U.S. vs Novak. The issue is much larger than anyone is talking about. In every facility in all state and federal cases that SECURUS provides service the discs for different inmates are ordered in 5-10% of all cases.

    Every time the software was updated, even if any blocks had been placed to restrict recording, the blocks were wiped out for all attorneys and all privileged employees paralegals and private investigators working on cases across the entire country.

    Across the country US Attorneys, State Attorneys, Alphabet agencies all received these calls and in not one case of them receiving privileged communications did they report it to SECURUS, the defendants council, or the Courts. Committing fraud on the courts in every case. In Colorado their has been a pattern of intentionally placing difficult cases and high profile cases by the US Attorneys office in SECURUS phone service facilities. I wonder why? This issue litterally effects 1,000’s of defendants in every state that SECURUS provides services to in both State and Federal facilities.

    I can provide a list of Law Enforcement individuals including one ex FBI employee that if deposed can confirm all of the above. This problem has been going on much longer than 2011. It goes back to at least 2006. They were aware of problem in US vs Novak 2006, again they were notified in 2009/2010, and now once again. This is called a pattern and history of abuse. This is the largest violation of prisoner rights, civil rights, and wire tapping violations, it is also Fraud on the Courts in every case state or federal that it occurred in.

    If you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact me. Otherwise I plan to discuss with Plaintiffs counsel and the press.
    Lance C. Migliaccio


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