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  • Jan 28th, 2010 @ 3:26am

    Long ago in Canada...

    Way back in the mid 1970's, the Canadian Folk band "Stringband" would gather names and addresses of fans at every concert event, and sent out postcards to notify of concerts, parties, news, new releases, etc.. When they went to make their 3rd album (1977), they advertised that you could "subscribe" in advance to help finance the album (I think the price was $10 or $15 at the time). Subscribers were invited to do a couple of live crowd vocals in the studio with the band to complete the album, and the album was called "Thanks to the Following" with the names of the first few hundred subscribers printed right on the record cover, and a few hundred more on the insert page... the records (LPs at the time) were mailed out to the subscribers, the postage was prepaid in the subscription price. So I think that the formula (CwF) + (RtB) may have been valid even in the analog age, but still required thinking outside the corporate commercial box... http://www.stringband.com/review6.htm